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Yanmar displays new YT Tractor range at Demopark 2017

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The new YT Tractorserie will be displayed at Demopark 2017 on stand E-585. Benefitting from clean-running, common-rail engines and an advanced integrated Hydro Mechanical Transmission (i-HMT), the new models deliver all the proven YT tractor benefits to customers seeking a machine in the 45 to 60 horsepower class.

Agricultural and landscaping equipment giant Yanmar has unveiled two new additions to its YT range of tractors. Distinguished by their new “premium red” livery and tough-looking body design, the 47 horsepower YT347 and 59 horsepower YT359 share all the popular YT tractor features that customers have come to expect but with the addition of some key and unique design features and benefits of their own:

  • Common-Rail-engine - TNV engines strike a balance between the need for performance and the desire for minimised fuel consumption and emissions. STAGE 5 READY.
  • Vario transmission, a step-less i-HMT-transmission – Unique design feature affords smooth and step-less changes throughout the speed range.
  • Operational flexibility – Full line-up of front and rear-mounted implements together with broad range of options help extend the tractor usability.
  • Optimised comfort – Designed with the operator in mind, the new models have been designed to afford optimum comfort for a safe and fatigue-free workplace.
  • Ease of maintenance – Maintenance is simplified to turn daily tasks from a chore into a relative pleasure.


Common-Rail Engine

The high power, common-rail TNV engines used in the new YT347 and YT359 models strike a balance between the need for high power/high performance and the desire for minimised emissions for the lowest possible environmental impact. Finely-tuned and electronically-controlled direct injection delivers the optimum fuel and air mixture to deliver clean burning power and the lowest possible levels of fuel consumption for the lowest possible environmental impact. A DPF system is used to catch particulate matter (PM) contained in the exhaust gas. This particulate matter is processed when the DPF automatically regenerates to ensure that the filters is kept clean. If particulate matter still accumulates, the DPF can be regenerated through a simple press button operation while work continues for maximum tractor uptime. The engine of the YT347 is compliant with Stage III A. The engine of YT359 is compliant with Stage III B. Both engines are Stage 5 Ready. 

Vario transmission, a step-less i-HMT-transmission

These clean-running and emissions-compliant engines drive through an advanced integrated Hydro Mechanical Transmission (i-HMT, Vario) that sets a new standard in operational flexibility. This unique transmission provides smooth and step-less changes throughout the speed range, allowing operators to select the most appropriate speed for every task, application or ground condition.   The operator can set the response of i-HMT drive pedal via the Motion control dial. When set to the highest position, response of the i-HMT is four times quicker than the lowest position. The i-HMT transmission incorporates an AB mode that allows the operator to pre-select engine and travel speed. Two engine speeds can be pre-set in advance, allowing the operator to switch between the two to match the application and ground conditions. In operation, this mode can be used to switch quickly and seamlessly between operating and turning speeds for enhanced productivity and greater operational safety. A cruise control mode maintains a constant operational speed while and anti-stall system automatically decreases the ground speed when the engine is overloaded.

Operational Flexibility

In keeping with existing YT3 tractors, the new YT347 and YT359 models are offered with a broad range of front and rear-mounted implements including flail mowers, front brush, front loader, front hydraulik, front PTO, trailer hitch, tillers, rotary harrows etc. These are driven by an independant front or rear PTO. The tractor has two double-acting hydraulik connections, one of which is equipped with a swivel. These are operated with a joystick. At the rear the tractor has two double-acting connectors, with separating operating valves. A front loader – powered via a standard control valve – allows the new YT3 machines to tackle light construction and loading duties. The operational flexibility of the new tractors is enhanced still further with a range of optional extras that include a ROPS cab, third function valve kit, front power-take-off and front hydraulik, rear-view mirrors, additional rear working lights, and front weights.


Optimised Comfort  

Yanmar recognises that the protection and comfort of the operator is paramount. The company is also mindful of the modern customer’s desire for a tractor that looks every bit as good as it performs. As a result, the company has once again called upon the experience and expertise of noted industrial designer Ken Okuyama who was a senior designer for General Motors, a senior designer for Porsche AG, and a design director for Pininfarina S.p.A. where he was responsible for the Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Quattroporte and many other cars. His flair is evident throughout the two new models which combine sleek, automotive lines with an overall design aesthetic that exudes power, performance and durability. But the YT347 and YT359 are more than just a pretty face. Each machine is designed to provide the operator with the most comfortable and safe working environment possible. The cushioning properties of the seat surface are improved with the emphasis placed on the extendibility of the leather to improve seat comfort. Seat position and height, as well as reclining angle can be finely adjusted to achieve the optimum position for the operator. The frame structure isolates the operator from vibration and noise from the engine and transmission to achieve a quiet working space with sound levels of just 77 dB(A). The optional cab creates a new level of comfort with heat and air conditioning both sealed in. The air filter-equipped cab can be pressurised to help keep dust out. Curved glass is used in both the windscreen and the doors to provide clearer sight lines and enhanced all-round visibility. In fact, every facet of the machines’ operation has been simplified to make them highly productive with the minimum possible levels of fatigue.

Simplified Maintenance

To ensure that the YT347 and YT359 have a long, trouble-free working life, maintenance has been simplified to turn daily tasks from a chore into a relative pleasure. The one-piece engine cover opens widely to allow easy access for inspection and to all key engine service points. Similarly, the integrated fuse box is located inside the steering wheel column for easy inspection. Even the DPF filter regenerates automatically, and the filter element benefits from extended 6,000-hour change intervals. The LCD instrumentation panel displays a reminder for oil filter element replacements and a whole host of other important service and maintenance information.


Next to the new tractors, Yanmar will display their complete productrange with tractors, as well as the newest tillers and transporters. All components of Yanmar's agricultural machinery, including engines, front axles and transmissions, are developed and manufactured at company's facility in Japan and then assembled and customized according to the European needs in the Netherlands.


About Yanmar

Founded in 1912 in Japan, Yanmar is a global brand and leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and final equipment. You will find Yanmar products in a wide range of applications in marine, industrial, energy systems, agriculture and construction. Yanmar has a global workforce of over 16,700 employees and a sales and service network operating in more than 130 countries. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and sales organisations covering the whole of Europe, Russia and Africa, Yanmar Europe employs around 600 people, generating annual sales turnover of 500 million euros.