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New TNV Direct-Injection Diesel Engine

The EF200H series comes with a new TNV direct-injection diesel engine. TNV means Total New Value and offers you greater power and excellent combustion efficiency. It simply upgrades the performance of your tractor. At the same time, it boasts lower fuel consumption and minimizes exhaust emissions. It confirms to the strict EC (European) and EPA (USA) emission regulations.

MP2 Monoplunger Fuel-Injection Pump

The MP2 Monoplunger system uses a single plunger and distributes a balanced supply of fuel to each cylinder. This brings you greater efficiency in fuel combustion than ever before. How it works? The system delivers a more precise fuel mist through high-pressure injection and optimizes the injection timing with an oil-pressure timer.

New TNV Direct-injection diesel engine
New TNV Direct-Injection Diesel Engine