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Optimum Lever Positioning Through in-Line Shifting

Shift gears with your left hand - both range shift and PTO - and perform hydraulic operations with right. That is what the EF200's consolidated arrangement of levers does. The in-line gear-shift pattern makes operation even easier.

One Brake Pedal for Greater Safety

We designed the EF200 compact tractor with a single brake pedal. So much safer and easier to operate. 

Clutch Free Operation

With the EF200 compact tractor you do not need a clutch for range shifting or PTO. Just move the lever and shift gears easily.

Improved Design Safety

Safety comes first. That is why you can only start the engine, if the range shift and PTO levers are in neutral. A safety switch built into the seat automatically stops the engine, when you stand up or dismount from the tractor.

Easier Accessibility to the SCV

When the Front Loader or Mid-Mower is installed, you need easy operation without interference. Therefore, we have moved the SCV lever to the right-side panel. In this way you operate your implements from the driver's seat far more easily and conveniently.

Steer with Minimum Effort

With the EF200 compact tractor, you can turn the wheel with a minimum of effort. Because hydrostatic power steering is standard. This reliefs overall handling and lessens driving fatigue. Even if you work long hours or do work that requires a lot of turning.

2WD ⇔ 4WD ⇔ Dual-speed Buttons

The EF200 compact tractor lets you switch between 2WD and 4WD and dual-speed from the driver's seat. Just as it suits the job you are doing.

Cruise Control

When working or driving from one site to another, simply pull out the cruise control lever. Just relax and drive automatically at constant speed, until you depress the HST pedal.

Dual-speed Turning

Turning needs to be done as smoothly as possible in order to minimize damage to the turf. Press the Dual-Speed button and the front wheels will rotate at twice the speed of the rear tires.

Easier Accessibility to the SCV
Easier accessibility SCV

Steer with minimum effort
Steer with minimum effort

2Wheel-drive and 4Wheel-drive dual speed buttons
2WD 4WD dual speed buttons

Cruise Control
Cruise control

Dual-speed Turning
Dual Speed Turning