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EU Grey Market Tractor Notice


What is a "Grey Market Product"? A simple definition is an original trademarked product designed and manufactured for use in a non-EU market that is parallel-imported for resale in the EU without the consent of the owner of the trademark. In the case of Yanmar tractors, Yanmar®-brand tractors originally designed and manufactured by Yanmar Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. [“Yanmar”] for intended use outside the EU, are being imported into the EU and sold to EU consumers by third parties without Yanmar’s consent.

These products are different from the Yanmar products manufactured and authorised for the EU market and distributed through authorised channels and are not certified or authorised under EU safety standards. Some of these differences can affect the safe operation of the equipment. The purpose of this notice is to warn dealers, potential purchasers and owners and operators of such “grey market” Yanmar® products of these safety-related differences.

Yanmar therefore does not accept liability or offer support in respect of such equipment.

Some safety-related differences and warning

The most important safety-related differences between Yanmar products authorised for the EU market on the one hand and grey market Yanmar products on the other are as follows:

Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) and a seatbelt, certified to EU standards, which are recommended or required for tractors in the EU market, are not available for grey market tractors. A tractor without ROPS and a seatbelt will, under many circumstances, afford the operator less protection in a rollover accident than a tractor with certified ROPS and a fastened seatbelt.

Power Take-Off (PTO) master shields and guards, required on tractors for the EU market, are not normally installed on grey market tractors. These devices are intended to protect from injury due to inadvertent contact with the rotating PTO shaft.

Some grey market tractors are not equipped with a safety start switch. This safety feature is designed to prevent the tractor from starting in gear and potentially striking or running over an operator who misuses the tractor by starting it from the ground instead of from the operators seat as per Yanmar's instructions.

Gray market tractors have reverse PTO speed for operating. If a grey market tractor is used with an implement designed for the EU market, the implement can be operated at revolution speeds in reverse, potentially leading to catastrophic failure of the implement and associated injury.

Operator manuals, spare parts list and warning decals for grey market tractors were written in Japanese and are not available from Yanmar in an EU language.

WARNING: these differences in safety may lead to serious personal injury, potentially death.

No support, liability or warranty

As a result of these safety issues and in order to protect the "Yanmar" trademark and reputation, Yanmar does not accept liability in respect of or support grey market Yanmar®-brand tractors and will not knowingly supply replacement parts for such tractors.

There is also no warranty from Yanmar for these used units, which are present in the EU without Yanmar’s consent or authorization.

If you have any questions regarding grey market Yanmar® products, please send your enquiries to:

Yanmar Europe B.V.
Agricultural Equipment Dept.

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