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Yanmar News

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New, Modern-Design YK Tillers for Safe and Easy Soil Cultivation

Almere, 22 May 2015 – Incorporating 50+ years of agricultural know-how, Yanmar introduces its new YK tiller series. The next generation in soil cultivation was on show at demopark 2015. The YK tiller series has been designed with three main user benefits in mind: ease of operation, less fatigue and safety. Next to the new tillers, the complete Yanmar tractor range will be on show. All basic components for Yanmar agricultural equipment, including engine, front axle and transmission are developed and built in the company’s own factories in Japan and assembled and customised to European needs in the Netherlands.

Improve overall user experience

In order to meet modern tilling requirements and improve overall user experience, Yanmar has used new and further improved technical features for its YK tillers. Among these are the Katana tines, sword-like tines (Katana is a Japanese sword), i-Start, the free or fixed resistance bar and the weed removal protection device. Summarised, the new YK tillers provide:

  • Deeper tilling with lower vibration, also in hard soil due to KATANA tines
  • Large area tilling in less time due to wider tilling width
  • Easy weed removal with protection device for tangled weed
  • 33% lower pulling force quick start with i-Start
  • Smooth turning with adjustable resistance bar


Designed by Ferrari and Porsche designer Ken Okuyama

Since Yanmar strives to revolutionise agriculture and be on the forefront of the newest agricultural solutions, the company co-operates closely with Ken Okuyama, Industrial Designer and CEO of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN. Ken Okuyama is well-known for the design of numerous products such as architecture, furniture, robots, motorcycles and cars, including Ferrari and Porsche. His philosophy is that design should always be modern, simple and timeless. Mr. Okuyama is a member of the board of Directors of Yanmar Holdings, Inc. since April 2013.


Founded in 1912 in Japan, Yanmar is a global brand and leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and final equipment. You will find Yanmar products in a wide range of applications in agriculture, construction, energy systems, industrial and marine. Yanmar has a global workforce of over 16,700 employees and a sales and service network operating in more than 130 countries. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and sales organisations covering the whole of Europe, Russia and Africa, Yanmar Europe employs around 600 people, generating annual sales turnover of 500 million euros.

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