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Yanmar News

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Yanmar exceeds customer expectations with new YT2 tractor series




Global tractor pioneer Yanmar has placed customer needs and expectations at the very heart of the design and development of the new YT Series of compact utility tractors that compete in the 35 HP output class.

It takes a bold company to place “pleasure of ownership” at the very forefront of the design process for its latest range of compact utility tractors. But as a true pioneer in the global compact tractor sector, that is precisely what Yanmar has done with its new YT 235H Series machines that compete in the 35 HP output class and which are built in Japan to meet the specific needs of European customers.  

Furthermore, the YT Series is designed to set new industry standards in versatility, driver comfort and low fatigue operation.   The result is a class-leading range of machines that builds upon Yanmar’s proud heritage while creating a new industry benchmark by which competitive tractors will be judged. Slotting into the Yanmar range between the proven SA Series that feature 35 HP Yanmar diesel engines and the larger YT347 and YT359 units that occupy the 46 to 60 HP ground, the new YT235 R (which features a protective canopy) and the YT235 Q (which benefits from a fully-enclosed protective cabin) were developed with four key selling points in mind:  Versatility; Driver Comfort; Low-Fatigue Operation; and Pleasure of Ownership.



Smooth, Clean Power

The versatility of the YT Series begins with the use of a field-proven Yanmar common-rail diesel engine that satisfies all current emissions regulations, is ready for the arrival of EU Stage V standards, and which meets the needs of modern and environmentally-sensitive customers. That engine delivers high power and high torque coupled with reduced fuel consumption for high productivity, optimum performance and substantial savings in fuel and operating costs.   Finely-tuned and electronically-controlled direct injection delivers the optimum fuel and air mixture to deliver clean burning power and the lowest possible levels of fuel consumption for the lowest possible environmental impact. A DPF system is used to catch particulate matter (PM) contained in the exhaust gas. This particulate matter is processed when the DPF automatically regenerates to ensure that the filters is kept clean. If particulate matter still accumulates, the DPF can be regenerated through a simple press button operation while work continues for maximum tractor uptime. The new YT235 R and YT235 Q models feature a highly efficient hydrostatic transmission that affords smooth speed and directional changes, easy switching between 2WD and 4WD, and an impressive top speed of 30 km/h. 

Comfortable & Productive

Yanmar recognises the importance of the driver in the performance and productivity of its tractors. And with the introduction of the new YT235 R and YT235 Q models, the company has placed the comfort and safety of the driver at the very heart of the design. That focus upon driver comfort begins with the newly-designed cabin that is spacious and which offers clear and uninterrupted vision around the machine for safe and precise operation.   Isolated to protect the operator from both noise and vibration, the cabin features an uncluttered and solid floor that makes ingress and egress from the machine simple and safe. A choice of three deluxe seat options can be matched to the size, weight and budget of the driver, and each delivers automotive levels of comfort even during extended work periods. Together with the repositioning of the upper air conditioning unit, a new “slant-nosed” hood design allows the operator to see easily over the front-end of the tractor for greater control of front-mounted implements and enhanced levels of safety. 


Minimising Fatigue

An operator is at his most productive when he is not tired or fatigued. That fact has been a driving force behind a variety of incremental improvements and enhancements to the YT Series machines that are relatively small when viewed independently; but which together help minimise fatigue by a significant degree. Switching from forward to reverse motion, for example, is achieved via a foot pedal.   New projector-style headlamps provide unprecedented levels of illumination, making the YT Series tractors ideally suited to operation in low-light conditions. Ergonomic controls are all within easy reach and are intuitive to operate, allowing the driver to remain relaxed while working.

Maximising Versatility

To enhance operational versatility and flexibility, the YT235 R and YT235 Q models are offered with a broad range of front and rear-mounted implements including flail mowers, front brush, front blade, drawbar hitch and a ladder hitch. These are driven via two sub control valves that provide a reliable and clean connection with the implement. A front loader – powered via a standard loader valve – allows the new YT machines to tackle light construction and loading duties. The operational flexibility of the new tractors is enhanced still further with a range of optional extras that include a ROPS cab, third function valve kit, front power-take-off, rear-view mirrors, additional rear working lights, and front weights.


A Pleasure to Own

All of these factors – from ease of operation to the cleanliness of the engine – have been designed with a single end goal in mind.   Yanmar is determined that the YT235 R and YT235 Q models are a pleasure to own; machines that engender pride in both the owner and the driver. That goal is best explained by world-renowned industrial designer, Ken Okuyama who was a senior designer for General Motors, a senior designer for Porsche AG, and a design director for Pininfarina S.p.A. where he was responsible for the Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Quattroporte and many other cars. “These new machines allow work to be carried out in a smart way,” he says.  “These tractors make everyday farm work fun.” 


About Yanmar

With beginnings in Osaka, Japan in 1912, Yanmar was the first ever to succeed in making a compact diesel engine of a practical size in 1933. Moving on, with industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of the enterprise, Yanmar has continued to expand its product range, services, and expertise to deliver total solutions as an industrial equipment manufacturer. As a provider of small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine, machine tools, and components — Yanmar’s global business operations span seven domains.  

On land, at sea, and in the city, Yanmar’s Mission of “providing sustainable solutions focused on the challenges customers face, in food production and harnessing power, thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows,” stands testament to Yanmar’s determination to providing us with “A Sustainable Future.” For more information, visit us at https://www.yanmar.com/eu/About-Us/About-Yanmar-Europe-B-V-/  

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