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Easy-to-Read Instrument Panel

Even if you work in twilight hours or at night, you want to work safely and with confidence. The instrument panel on the EF200H has large letters and symbols with built-in illumination. Both easy to read and easy on your eyes.

Lightweight & Compact, with Optimum Front and Rear Balance

The EF200H series compact tractor is lightweight and compact. Still, it gives you maximum stability, as it is designed with optimum front and rear weight distribution. Even when implements are attached.

8 Heater Vents

When it is cold and wet, the EF200H compact tractor will keep you warm and comfortable. A total of 8 overhead heater vents are built-in to the front and both sides of the cabin ceiling.

Fully-Opening Windows

When it is hot or when you need to reach out of the window, you simply flip up the EF200H’s front and rear cabin windows to a fully opened position. Open or close them according to the climate or to suit your need at any given moment.

Eeasy-to-read Instrumental panel
Easy to read instrument panel

Lightweight and Compact tractor
Lightweight & compact

8 Heater Vents tractor
8 heater vents

Fully-Opening Windows tractor
Fully opening windows