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Spacious operator area

The operator’s area in the SA Series compact tractors is more than just a cab; it is a comfortable, well-protected and safe haven with lots of room, all controls readily to hand.

Chassis-frame type

Operator comfort is further enhanced by an isolation-mounted engine and full-frame chassis that minimises noise and vibration through the operator compartment.

SA424-Easy step in

A strategically-located step together with grab handles provides easy and safe ingress and egress from the operator’s compartment.

23 Liters - Fuel tank

Filled via a conveniently-located filler cap, both tractors boast an exceptionally large fuel tank that - when combined with the fuel-efficient engines - affords long periods before refuelling to maximise productivity and minimise downtime.

In combination with our very fuel efficient engine no need to stop the job to refuel. One gets more work done when you’re not stopping frequently to refuel. The large fuel tank ensures that refuelling operations don’t hinder your work schedule. Easy to reach fuel cap.

Quiet-running engine

Precision-built engine and transmission together with advanced acoustic management ensures that the SA Series compact tractors are quiet in operation.

Comfortable Steering wheel

Ergonomically-designed steering wheel provides operator with superb and responsive machine control together with optimum comfort.

Deluxe seat

A luxury EU-accredited suspension seat featuring foldable arm rests can be adjusted in height and position to provide the operator with the optimum operating comfort and excellent support during a long working day.

Illuminated meter panel

A large digital display panel ensures that the operator is aware of all key operating functions while a digital gauge accurately monitors fuel consumption and fuel levels.

Read here which features lead to an easy operation of this comfortable compact tractor.

Spacious Operator Area
Spacious Operator Area

Easy Step In
Easy step in

Fuel Tank
23 Liters - Fuel Tank

DeLuxe Seat
Deluxe seat

Illuminated meter panel
Illuminated meter panel